Breakthrough Endowment

It is a driving goal to fully endow the program, ensuring that the spirit and work of students teaching students will forever be a part of the city of Manchester. Supporting the unrestricted endowment is making a lasting commitment and investment in the program and its students.


Elkin Teaching Fellowships Endowed Fund

The Elkin Teaching Fellowship, named in honor of Pauline and Martin Elkin who led a challenge campaign to establish this endowed fund, allows Breakthrough to attract high school and college age teachers who otherwise may not be able to participate due to financial constraints. Breakthrough teachers receive a Living Allowance Stipend; however, many need to earn additional money to contribute to their educational and living costs at school. Elkin Teaching Fellowships make teaching feasible for many bright and talented young people.



Joel Vargas Achievement Fund

This fund, part of Breakthrough Manchester’s permanent endowment, was established in 1996 in honor of Joel Vargas, the first Breakthrough student to become a Breakthrough director.  It is a discretionary fund used to ensure that Breakthrough students are not derailed or excluded from essential enrichment activities because of finances. The interest accrued on the fund each year supplements students’ academic experience through art classes, music lessons, summer camp, etc. The chief aim of The Joel Vargas Achievement Fund is to provide the kinds of individualized support that can make a real difference in the life of a child with limited economic resources.

Breakthrough Collaborative

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