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Breakthrough Manchester’s Students-Teaching-Students Dual Mission

Breakthrough Manchester’s unique “students-teaching-students” dual mission provides six years of intensive, tuition-free academic programming to support Manchester students from traditionally underserved communities on their path to college while inspiring emerging leaders in high school and college to be the next generation of educators and advocates for educational equity.

We do this by:

  1. Inspiring excitement for learning: Motivated students gain the skills and confidence they need to excel in school. At Breakthrough, it’s cool to be smart!
  2. Creating paths to college: We challenge and prepare students to succeed in rigorous academic programs and aspire to continue their education after high school.
  3. Promoting careers in education: High school and college students receive training, support, and hands-on experience. They are inspired to become the next generation of educators and leaders in our community through competitive recruitment, research-based training, and coaching from master educators.  

Check out our summer video & experience the Breakthrough spirit!


Breakthrough Collaborative

180 Grand Ave #1225, Oakland, CA 94612, USA