Breakthrough is one of the best pre-professional teacher training programs in the nation because teachers are immersed quickly into classrooms regardless of their experience.  They learn from experience what works and what doesn’t as a teacher.  To achieve success in this environment, Breakthrough employs a team of outstanding instructional coaches, professional educators who train and support young teachers, and who ensure that classes are productive and meaningful for students and teachers.

Breakthrough has been named a Top Ten Internship in America by The Princeton Review and participants join a national alumni network of 30,000+ members of the education world and other professional sectors.

“I enrolled in a teacher preparatory program in college and will be graduating with my certification to teach next year. None of my experience in the past three years in college have been anything like Breakthrough. Experiences like this are what teacher preparatory programs are missing. I think that if all teachers had to complete a program like Breakthrough, in addition to student teaching, before they got certified, then education in America could be in a much better place than it is now.” –Ariel Turner, 2013 Teaching Fellow

Breakthrough has a variety of renowned opportunities for aspiring and professional teachers.  The following positions are all seasonal.  Click on any position for more information.

Aspiring Teachers (High School & College Students):

Professional Educators:

  • Summer Instructional Coach
  • School Year Instructional Coach
  • Summer Dean of Students