Student Success


  • “We have a close community, full of amazing teachers and faculty who genuinely care about all of us, and enthusiastic students who want to be here. Breakthrough has not only prepared me for the middle school, high school, and college, but also for the rest of my life.”                                                                                                                       -Rising HS Student
  • “Breakthrough changes your view of things. At first it doesn’t seem like much but when it’s over you realize the impact of it. It was an overall great experience, I really like the wacky science experiments, I would very much recommend it!”                                                                                                  -Sebastian, 9th grade student 


  • “Breakthrough has broken barriers and taught us what isn’t taught at school. I have made forever friends and found my voice, and I’ll always be grateful to Breakthrough for this.”                                                                                                    – Yeli, BTM student
  • “Breakthrough is like the night sky, there are so many shining stars in it”                                                                                                          – Yakira, 8th grade student


  • A grandmother and guardian shared, “This year, I’ve seen my child thrive, push herself to do things that she would usually be so shy of doing which made her stronger, bolder, and believing in doing anything she works hard for, chasing her dreams. YOU, Breakthrough, the student relationships and community is what makes it worth it. You have made a positive difference and made us prioritize what is most important…family, community, beliefs, hope, and…Breakthrough!”
  • “I learned there are always people at BTM, even when it’s online, who will always be by my side and I will be by their side when we are down.”                                                                                 -Tri, 8th grade student

Breakthrough Collaborative

180 Grand Ave #1225, Oakland, CA 94612, USA