Instructional Coaching

Training and supporting a team of young, aspiring teachers takes a team of experts who are committed to developing the next generation of great educators.  The professional Instructional Coaches who work with Breakthrough Teaching Fellows are the academic backbone of the services provided to students.  These remarkable individuals are among the most innovative and successful middle and high school teachers in area schools and school districts.  Breakthrough’s Instructional Coaches work collaboratively to train high school and college students in the art and science of teaching by leading pedagogical workshops, conducting daily in-class observations and providing constructive verbal and written feedback, and developing and supporting curriculum initiatives that help prepare middle school students for academic success.  Through close work with a core group of young educators, each instructional coach is responsible not just for the growth of the Breakthrough teachers in their charge, but ultimately for the substance of each class and the academic rigor each Breakthrough student receives.

Breakthrough maintains a staff of approximately four instructional coaches during the summer (one each in Writing, Literature, Mathematics and Science) and one for Saturday programs during the school year.

Inquiries may be directed to Deb McLoud, Executive Director, at 603-641-9426 or

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