About Breakthrough

A partnership between the Manchester community and The Derryfield School, Breakthrough Manchester was initially founded in 1991 as “Summerbridge Manchester.

The dual missions of Breakthrough Manchester are to launch promising Manchester middle school students, particularly those with limited opportunities, on the path to college while inspiring high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

We do this by:
• Recruiting and selectively admitting high-potential sixth graders with limited opportunities from Manchester middle schools for a tuition-free, three-year program held on The Derryfield School campus.
• Providing three rigorous, joyful academic summers and school year supports to admitted students
• Recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting college students, and some local high-achieving high school students, as excellent teachers
• Connecting students as they enter ninth grade with the College-Bound Breakthrough program for high school students at Southern NH University.
• Engaging a broad array of stakeholders in understanding, promoting, funding and championing both missions of Breakthrough.

six year model

All services are provided tuition-free to students and families, and are funded by foundations, businesses, and individuals who believe in the mission of Breakthrough.

In an effort to address the ongoing national teacher shortage, Breakthrough Manchester’s academic program is taught entirely by high-performing high school and college students between the ages of 16 and 22, under the close guidance of professional educators. As Breakthrough teachers, these dynamic young people have the unparalleled opportunity to take ownership of, and practice, all aspects of teaching, from planning, curriculum design, teaching methodology, and assessment. Far from “playing teacher,” Breakthrough teachers are expected and encouraged to emulate their best teachers and to create a skills-intensive and enriching classroom environment that instills urgency about academic success in their students.

Now in its 29th year, Breakthrough Manchester has supported the academic success of over 960 Manchester students and recruited, trained, and challenged over 850 college and high-school students from across the city and country to pursue careers in education.

Breakthrough Manchester is a proud member of Breakthrough Collaborative, a network of sites that boldly envisions a day when all children will have access to excellent educational opportunities.

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