2019-2020 Donor Report

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the community members and organizations who generously contributed to Breakthrough Manchester between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Thank you, your support made Summer 2020 Epic! 

Breakthrough 2020 Annual Report

Donors- Giving Circles

**** 0-20 + years

*** 15-19years

** 10-14 years

* 5-9 years


Educational Equity Champion 

-$25,000 and Up 

Cogswell Benevolent Trust


Educational Equity Partner 


Pauline Elkin *

Lacy Foundation *

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation


Educational Equity Leader 


Donna K. Lencki **

Great NH Restaurants Charitable Trust

Margaret Wheeler and Garvin Warner *


Educational Equity Sponsor


Anonymous (2) *

Linda Benson and Brad Benson

The Chow Family

Chris and Michael Cikacz

Earl “Bud” Smith Scholarship Fund ****

Pam Grich and Lou Fink **

Susan Grodman

Jennifer and Bob Grunbeck

Mary Halpin Carter and Christopher H.M.Carter ***

Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation *

Jamie and Jamie Pagliocco

Colleen and Vadim Plotsker

Rhenea and Dan Regan **

Kathy and Jon Ross ****

Joan Izen and Joel Schwelling ***

Meg and Phil Tatro **

Suzanne and Emile Tetu

Felicia and Joel Vargas ****

Educational Equity Underwriter


Anonymous (1)

Ambrogi Law Office PLLC

Amherst Label Inc.

Deb and Mike Anthony

Amy and Jason Bahan

Cecilia Clemans and Jeanne Bailey-Clemans

Caryl and Barry Brensinger ***

Katie and Steve Burke ***

Laurie and Rich Byron

Cambridge Trust New Hampshire

Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and David Cochran

Kristina Isakovich and Richard Critz *

Eckman Construction Co.

Alice and Brian Handwerk ***

Kate Hanna

Shaye and Jared Hardner

Angela Calvetti Hornor  and Nye Hornor 

Pat and Marc Hurlbut **

Lea and Bill Kelsey

KW Charity INC

Laurie and Jim Lamp

Elisabeth and Matthew Larson

Lauren and Paul J. Leyden **

Roz and David Lockwood *

Manchester Rotary Club

Shannon and Doug McGinley *

McLane Middleton

Morgan Franklin Fellowship


Northeast Delta Dental *

Primmer, Piper, Eggleston & Cramer PC 0

Queen City Rotary Club **

Siobhan and Tom Quinn

RBC Wealth Management

Judy and Phil Ryan ****

St. Mary’s Bank

Audrey Augun and Jim Steiner *

Ly and Lee Tang *

The Greenspan Foundation *

Pam VanArsdale and Bob Dewey

Leslie and Nicholas Want

Educational Equity Friend


Anonymous (2) **

Robynne Alexander 

Diane Allen

Deb and Nancy Allen ****

Sarah and Robert Ambrogi

Brennan Barnard

Sara Bee 

Becky and Bruce Berk ****

Connie and Bruce Blight

Lori and Ray Boelig

Carrie and John Bouton

Annie and Rich Branch

Grace Massey and Michael Broad 

Karen Burkush and Mark Burkush 

Kitty and Keith Butler

Steve Camann

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Michelle and Brian Coombes ***

Laura and Mick Cullen

Anna Do and Anh Pham

John Doherty

Debbie and Dick Donnelly

Lisa and Erik Drake *

Renee and Scott Dudley *

Jennifer Hoa Duong

Rochelle and Gerald Durette ***

Kate Erskine and Jolene McWhirter ****

Joyia Rich Fazelat and Ahad Fazelat

Michelle and Phil Fitzpatrick

Bonnie and Terry Flahive *

FLIR Systems

Bennett Freeman *

Kathryn and Roger Frieden *

Kelley and John Gage *

Anne and Mitch Gagnon *

Martin Gillispie

Daphne Gillispie

Hansi and Bill Glahn

Natalie and James Gray ***

Sally Green

Barbara and David Haight **

Marilee and Keith Handwerk 

Mary Heath and Robert Leclair *

Betty and Tom Jipson **

Tamatha and Steve Johnson

Derek Jurus

Meryl Levin and Will Kanteres

Mary Kaplan

Kirsti and Paul Karpawich

Kendra Kearney

Kimberly Kirkland and Randy Reis

Joan B. Krohn **

Kevin Lane

Greg Lange

Dana Laviano

Donna Le

Hieu Le

Carolyn Goodwin Leary and Mike Leary

Genet Legesse

Joanne Linden and Shep Melnick *

Laura and Eric Long

Tricia Lucas

Maura Maguire **

Chris Doyle and Steve Mathes

Patricia McGrath

Holly and Bob McKinney

Kenna and Ross McLeod

Jennifer D. and Gregory J. Melkonian ****

Alice and Parker Mitchell 

Sogole Moin *

Anna and Boyan Moskov *

Emily Karmen and Andy Myers *

Ursula and Steven Nadeau

Catharine and Mason Newick *

Aseeb Niazi 

Marlene Pellerin

Sammi Phillips 

Shannon and Larry Quinlan

Judy Reardon

Elizabeth Richey and Ian Adelstein **

Kathleen Sullivan and John R. Rist

Michelle and Jim Roberge

Sharon and Tom Rohlfs *

Laura Russell and Frank Moltz *

Maureen and Denny Ryan ****

Annie and Dick Samuels ***

Wendy and Chuck Sanborn ***

Wendy and Robert Shaughnessy

Sarah Sigel and Rich Sigel *

Stacy and Jesse Smith

Karen Soule

Jill Teeters and David Lamothe

Richard Thorner

Sandy and Jim Townsend

Lyonel B. Tracy

Barbara and Charles Trudeau *

Mary Ann and Alex Vazquez *

Mary Alice and Louis J. Venuto *

Cindy and Wes Wasdyke

Kim Keegan and Paul Weathers

Fran Winneg *

Carol and Tom Wold

Steve Young

Educational Equity Contributor


Anonymous (2)

Rebecca Abdallah

Joanna Bacon

Sara Badger Wilson

MarKaveus Barnes

Larkyn Baum

Jenna Bee 

DJ Bennett

Prince Bizimana

Tracy and Mark Blaisdell

Jenny Boesch and Timothy Dining

Colleen Bolton

Tony Bonjorno

Debbie and Josh Bremberg

Mac Broderick

Najee Brown

Julie Burnett

Kayla Carew

Rachel Cole

Elizabeth Delafuente

Jeremy Dobson

Laura and Ben Dougherty *

Mia and Brad Ek

Susan and Rick Fenton

Alicia Finney

Sue Flagg

Nicole Fordey

Edward Foskin

Elenore Freedman

Jenny Gapinski

Emma Garfield 

Paige Piani and Peter Giersch

Angelina Gillispie

Gail and Gary Gordon **

Heather Gringeri

Valerie Guerette

Shannon Haley

Diane Harrises

Patty and Gary Herbert

Jan Hicinbothem

Monique Jordan

Becca Karp and Anik Cote

Patricia and Mark Kegel

Meghan Kelleher *

Emily Kerr

Dawn Kilcrease *

Melissa Landry

Hannah Le

Michele and Dan Leclerc

Judy and Ed Lemire *

Matthew D. Long

Lois G. Loofbourrow

Roxanne Loudin

Penny Manners

Kristin and Terry McGovern

Debra McLoud

Katharine A. McNaughton

Adam Mordecai

Marcia Morgan

Skyler Mosenthal

Amanda Murchison

Chau Ngo

Thanh Huynh and Tru Ngo

Kathleen and James O’Connell

Daniel F. Ohl

Mary and Justin Perkins **

Danny Pouliot

Kristen Rehm

Mark Reynolds

Irving Richardson

Kathryn Richardson

Kate Richey *

Karen and Kenneth Robichaud

Wayne Rudick

Kathleen Rutty-Fey and Erik Fey ***

Shauna Sarsfield

Frederick V. Savage

Ethan Schwelling 

Judy Sharkey

Lindley Shutz and Michael Lynch *

Joanne Small and Forrest Small

Adriana Smith 

Deb Smith

Erin E. Stiling

Peter Talpey

Arya Thapa

Amy Turcotte

Jillian Hegarty and Mick Van Natta

Elissa Vanaver

Mary Ann and James Watt *

Lucy Weathers

Caroline Wilson

Karalyn Wright

Endowed Funds


Breakthrough Manchester General Endowment Funds


Emilee Connors

Dave Flagg **

Ann Lyford

Merck Partnership For Giving

Jeff Wong

Donors to Elkin Teaching Fellowship Endowed Fund


Clare Cail *

Melissa Granetz

Cass Mercer

Donors to Joel Vargas Achievement Fund


Stephen Dolman

Lucyann and Rick Zeller

To give online at any time, go to Breakthrough Manchester’s online giving form.  (Please use the “Comments” section if you wish to designate your funds to the Endowment Fund, to the Joel Vargas Achievement Fund or to the Elkin Teaching Fellowship Fund.  All donations with no designation will automatically be credited to the Annual Fund.)