2017-2018 Donor Progress Report

Updated as of September 12, 2017

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the community members and organizations who generously contributed to Breakthrough Manchester between July 1, 2017 and the above date.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2018.

To give online at any time, go to Breakthrough Manchester’s online giving form.  (Please use the “Comments” section if you wish to designate your funds to the Endowment Fund, to the Joel Vargas Achievement Fund or to the Elkin Teaching Fellowship Fund.  All donations with no designation will automatically be credited to the Annual Fund.)

Annual Fund Contributors

Deb and Nancy Allen
Brennan Barnard
Bruce and Becky Berk
Lori and Ray Boelig
Jenny Boesch and Timothy Dining
Annie and Rich Branch
Mary Halpin Carter and Christopher Carter
Chris and Michael Cikacz
Michelle and Brian Coombes
Katherine DiTullio
Laura and Ben Dougherty
Craig and Claire Fauth
Jeannette and Gary Harper
Betty and Tom Jipson
Mary and Jeff Karlin
Dawn Kilcrease
Lacy Foundation
Kevin Lane
Judy and Ed Lemire
Lauren and Paul Leyden
Danielle and Morgan Llewelyn
Maura Maguire
Kristin and Terry McGovern
Anna and Boyan Moskov
Emily Karmen and Andy Myers
Mary and Justin Perkins
Kathy and Jon Ross
Laura Russell and Frank Moltz
Shauna Sarsfield
Ethan Schwelling
Lindley Shutz and Michael Lynch
Ly and Lee Tang
Barbara and Charles Trudeau
Amy Turcotte
Mary Ann and Alex Vazquez
Mary Ann and James Watt
Lucy Weathers
Tammy and Tim Zinck