2015-2016 Donors

Finalized as of June 30, 2016

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the community members and organizations who generously contributed to Breakthrough Manchester between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.  Please contact Becky Berk with any omissions or corrections.

To give online at any time, go to Breakthrough Manchester’s online giving form.  (Please use the “Comments” section if you wish to designate your funds to the Endowment Fund, to the Joel Vargas Achievement Fund or to the Elkin Teaching Fellowship Fund.  All donations with no designation will automatically be credited to the Annual Fund.)

Thank you!


Deb and Nancy Allen
Diane and Frank Allen
Sarah and Robert Ambrogi
Ann deNicola Trust, Citizens Bank Trustee
Deb and Mike Anthony
Michael and Candid Arcidy
Kate Atkinson
Julie Avery
Bank of America Foundation
Rebecca Snider and Jack Beard
Brad and Linda Benson
Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC
Mary Ellen and Carroll Berg
Bruce and Becky Berk
Deborah A. Bills
Chris Bissonnette
Mark and Tracy Blaisdell
Ray and Lori Boelig
Timothy Dining and Jenny Boesch
Dan Bolduc and Denise Cascio-Bolduc
Carrie and John Bouton
Annie and Rich Branch
Barry and Caryl Brensinger
Michael Broad
Emily Brown
Russ and Michelle Brummett
Katie and Steve Burke
Ms. Clare Cail
Dan Calegari
Tenley Callaghan
Mary Halpin Carter and Christopher H.M. Carter
Alexander Chan
Harley Chang
Candy Chaplin
Zachary Chapman
Lauren Chow
Church of the Good Shepherd
Michael and Chris Cikacz
Molly Cikacz
Rob and Betsy Cissel
Ellie Goodwin Cochran and David Cochran
Cogswell Benevolent Trust
Linda Bournival and Gerry Collins
Erika Connors
Kathleen and Bradford Cook
Brian and Michelle Coombes
Kristina Isakovich and Richard Critz
Colleen Currier
Andrea Dayne
Laura Decoster
Joe and Sheila DeWitt
John and Jennifer Divine
Chris and Theresa Dolloff
Erin Doncaster
Celia and Nigel Donovan
Olivia Doucette
Ben and Laura Dougherty
Donna Dow
Lisa and Eric Drake
Patty and Howard Dresner
M.J. Driscoll
Brian and Krisha Dubreuil
Scott and Renee Dudley
Steven B. Dunmire
Rochelle and Gerald Durette
Brenda and Curtis Edwards
Episcopal Church of New Hampshire
Kate Erskine
Kathy and Dick Erskine
Chris Rosenwasser and John Farley
Craig and Claire Fauth
Debby and Michael Fedder
Mary Brunette and Mark Feigl
Kevin Finefrock
Pamela Grich and Louis Fink
Diane Fitzpatrick
David Flagg
Bonnie and Terry Flahive
Melissa Wallace and Rob Fogg
Elenore Freedman
Bennett Freeman
Kelley and John Gage
Mitch and Anne Gagnon
Nancy and Andre Gamache
Janice Garity and Doug Gold
Melissa Goerbig
Marco Gonzalez
Gary and Gail Gordon
Mr. John Gordon
Patrick and Cheryl Gosselin
Melissa Goyait
Natalie and James Gray
Sally Green
The Greenspan Foundation
Susan Grodman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grunbeck
Kate and Todd Guerdat
Haigh-Farr Inc.
David and Barbara Haight
Danielle Andre Hall
David and Audrey Hammer
Alice J. and Brian K. Handwerk
Kate Hanna
Hannaford Supermarkets
Gary and Jeannette Harper
Kathleen and Bruce Harrison
Patricia and Lou Imbriano
Robert Leclair and Mary Heath
Ha Hoang
Marcus and Pat Hurlbut
Tom and Betty Jipson
Brian and Jen Johnson
Jock Johnson
Dorothy Jolin
Natalie Jutras
Will Kanteres
Paul and Kirsti Karpawich
Michael Kasten
Mark and Patricia Kegel
Meghan Kelleher
Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan
Nina and James Kelly
Dawn Kilcrease
Jess Kimball
Bob and Karla Kittler
Barb and Steven Kokotovich
Mrs. Joan B. Krohn
Ms. Alma Kurtovic
Paul and Barbara Labonte
Lacy Foundation
Jim and Laurie Lamp
Kathleen Herold and Tony Lapadula
Dan and Michelle Leclerc
Ed and Judy Lemire
Donna Lencki
Meryl Levin
Meredith Leyden
Paul J. and Lauren Leyden
James Livolsi
Rich and Brenda Lombardozzi
Megan Loosigian
Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation
Tricia and Ned Lucas
Evelyn and Bill Madden
Maura Maguire
Chris Doyle and Steve Mathes
David and Denise McAdoo
Jane and Brian McCoy
Stephanie Solms McCusker and David McCusker
Shannon and Doug McGinley
Lisa and Tim McGrath
Holly and Bob McKinney
Katharine McNaughton
Gregory J. and Jennifer D. Melkonian
David and Cindy Migliori
Kristin Migliori
Monica Vegelj and Brian Miron
Anne D. Milne
Sogole Moin
Colby Morgan
Carol Morse
Skyler Mosenthal
Boyan and Anna Moskov
Trevor Munhall
Dan and Lisa Muskat
Emily Karmen and Andy Myers
Jeff and Lisa Neville
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Catharine and Mason Newick
Yuexian and Zhiping Ni
David Normand
Northeast Delta Dental
Camille Triola-Northrup and Charlie Northrup
Lee and Kasey Ormiston
Justin and Mary Perkins
Annette and Thomas Peters
Christina Pickering
Scott and Marjorie Pim
Lucy S. and Daniel C. Potter
Donna Anne Poulack Foundation
Kristyn Poulack-Courchesne
John Poulack
Brent and Wendy Powell
Katharine Webster and John Pratt
Primmer, Piper, Eggleston and Cramer PC
Ray Provencher
Zachary Provost
Queen City Rotary Club
Jennifer Raimer
RBC Wealth Management
Randy Reis
Mr. Robert O. Resnick
Elizabeth Richards
Debbie and John Richey
Elizabeth Richey
Kate Richey
Riverstone Resources, LLC
Nick and Lynda Rizos
Marcie Roberts
Kathryn and Ken Robinson
Sharon and Tom Rohlfs
Jon and Kathy Ross
Frank Moltz and Laura Russell
Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey
Judy and Phil Ryan
Kristin Ryan
Nadine Sacco
Saint Andrews Episcopal Church
Annie and Dick Samuels
Chuck and Wendy Sanborn
Denise and Paul Sargeant
Frederick Savage
David Scannell
Ethan Schwelling
Joan Izen and Joel Schwelling
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shaughnessy
Tom and Liz Shepherd
Lara Shilling
Michael Lynch and Lindley Shutz
Sarah and Rich Sigel
Ross and Sandra Soraci
Carol Soucy
Truda Bloom and Robert Spiegelman
Shelley and Joe Spierer
Anne and David Stanley
Audrey Augun and Jim Steiner
Lisa and Stew Strong
Jessica Sugrue
Shannon Sullivan
Ly and Lee Tang
Meg and Phil Tatro
Phil and Julie Taub
Kelly Teevan
Ms. Nancy E. Tessier
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Tetu
Scott and Ann Tierno
Lisa Tourangeau
Judith and Brian Tremblay
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trudeau
Amy Turcotte
Mary Vallier-Kaplan
Bud VanArsdale
The VanArsdale/Dewey Family
Joel and Felicia Vargas
Alex and Mary Ann Vazquez
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Venuto
September and Doug Voss
David and Jennifer Wagner
Glen and Diane Wall
Anja O. Wallace
James and Mary Ann Watt
Craig and Kelly Weimer
Gordie and Chris Welch
Marty Nagy-Wentz and Jack Wentz
Paul and Karen Whitmore
Judy and Matt Wilhelm
Fran and Dick Winneg
Mr. Donald R. Winterton
Meredith Zackey
Bill and Michelle Zorn


Christine and Mark Anderson
Deb and Mike Anthony
Celebrations Catering
Rob and Betsy Cissel
The Derryfield School
Theresa Dolloff
Nigel Donovan
Kathy and Bill Gillett
Susan Grodman
Kaity Hanson
Mary Heath
Marcus Hurlbut
Joan Izen
Jan Moynihan-Cooney
Rhenea and Dan Regan
Sharon and Tom Rohlfs
Kathy and Jon Ross
David Scannell
Joel Schwelling
Lara Shilling
Southern NH University
Jan Sutcliffe
Meg Tatro