2016-2017 Donor Progress Report

Updated as of May 25, 2017

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the community members and organizations who have generously contributed to Breakthrough Manchester since July 1, 2016.  Our fiscal year closes on June 30, 2017.

To give online at any time, go to Breakthrough Manchester’s online giving form.  (Please use the “Comments” section if you wish to designate your funds to the Endowment Fund, to the Joel Vargas Achievement Fund or to the Elkin Teaching Fellowship Fund.  All donations with no designation will automatically be credited to the Annual Fund.)


Evelyn Brensinger Aissa
Deb and Nancy Allen
Sarah and Robert Ambrogi
Sarah Andrews
Julie Avery
Kate Baker
Norwin S. and Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation
Rebecca Snider and Jack Beard
Marsha Beecy
Brad and Linda Benson
Ariel Berk
Becky and Bruce Berk
Jason Berk
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Berlinguette
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Blais
Colleen Bolton
Kathleen Brophy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brophy
Isabell and John Bryan
Mary Halpin Carter and Christopher H.M. Carter
Alex and Mary Chan
Candy Chaplin
The Chow Family
Church of the Good Shepherd
Betsy and Rob Cissel
Cityside Management Corp.
Ellie Goodwin Cochran and David Cochran
Linda Bournival and Gerry Collins
Kathy and Brad Cook
Michelle and Brian Coombes
Andy and Melissa Crews
Kristina Isakovich and Richard Critz
Katherine DiTullio
Laura and Ben Dougherty
Donna Dow
Erik and Lisa Drake
Renee and Scott Dudley
Steven Dunmire
Rochelle and Gerald Durette
Roger Dutcher
Frank Edelblut
Kathleen Edwards
Mia and Brad Ek
Craig and Claire Fauth
Debby and Michael Fedder
Michelle and Phil Fitzpatrick
David Flagg
Sue Flagg
Melissa Wallace and Rob Fogg
Kathryn and Roger Frieden
John and Kelley Gage
Maria Gagnon
Mitch and Anne Gagnon
Nancy and Andre Gamache
Arthur Getz Foundation, Citizens Bank NA Trustee
Bill and Kathy Gillett
Janice Garity and Doug Gold
Gail and Gary Gordon
Natalie and James Gray
The Greenspan Foundation
Paulette and Chris Grondin
Barbara and David Haight
Alice J. and Brian K. Handwerk
Hannaford Supermarkets
Jeannette and Gary Harper
Kathleen and Bruce Harrison
Robert Leclair and Mary Heath
Bill Hogan and Debra Repoza-Hogan
Diane Hotten-Somers
Marcus and Pat Hurlbut
Lou and Patricia Imbriano
Colleen and Dan Ives
Betty and Tom Jipson
Brian and Jen Johnson
Dorothy Jolin
Natalie Jutras
Meryl Levin and Will Kanteres
Mary Kaplan
Meghan Kelleher
Cheryl and David Keller
Keller Williams Metropolitan Realty
Nina and James Kelly
Bill and Lea Kelsey
Dawn Kilcrease
Kiwanis Club of Manchester, Earl “Bud” Smith Fund
Barbara and Paul Labonte
Jason and Sarah LaCroix
Lacy Foundation
Kevin Lane
Carolyn Goodwin Leary and Mike Leary
Michele and Dan Leclerc
Judy and Ed Lemire
Donna K. Lencki
Meredith Leyden
Paul and Lauren Leyden
Danielle and Morgan Llewelyn
Rosamond and David Lockwood
Maureen and Rick Loeffler
Rich and Brenda Lombardozzi
Lois Loofbourrow
Megan Loosigian
Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation
Maura Maguire
Marco and Cylvia Masoni
Chris Doyle and Steve Mathes
Thomas and Laurel McLain
Shannon and Doug McGinley
Lauryl Green McGowan and Dermot McGowan
Lisa and Tim McGrath
Holly and Bob McKinney
Katharine McNaughton
Jennifer D. and Gregory J. Melkonian
Joanne Linden and Shep Melnick
Cindy and Dave Migliori
Brian and Anne Mikol
Anne Milne
Parker Mitchell
Sogole Moin
Beth and Deno Mokas
Doug Moll and Pam Powers-Moll
Colby Morgan
Scott and Pam Mosenthal
Anna and Boylan Moskov
Terri Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy
Emily Karmen and Andy Myers
Laura Nesmith
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Coit House Fund
Catharine and Mason Newick
Yuexian and Zhiping Ni
Northeast Delta Dental
Camille Troila-Northrup and Charlie Northrup
Jamie and Jamie Pagliocco
Gene Piana
Mary and Justin Perkins
Anna Do and Anh Pham
Donna Anne Poulack Foundation
Brent and Wendy Powell
Primmer, Piper, Eggleston and Cramer PC
Maeghan Provencher
Queen City Rotary Club
Shannon and Larry Quinlan
Tom and Siobhan Quinn
Jeff and Debi Rapson
Randy Reis
Robert and Jean Resnick
Irv Richardson
Elizabeth Richey
Karen and Keith Robichaud
Rockport Mortgage Corporation
Sharon and Tom Rohlfs
Kathy and Jon Ross
Mr. Gene Rostov
Frank Moltz and Laura Russell
Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey
Maureen and Denny Ryan
Judy and Phil Ryan
Mariela Salazar
Annie and Dick Samuels
Drew Samuels
Chuck and Wendy Sanborn
Shauna Sarsfield
Audrey Schneider
Joan Izen and Joel Schwelling
Wendy and Robert Shaughnessy
Michael Lynch and Lindley Shutz
Sarah and Rich Sigel
Les and Yvonne Simon
Deb Smith
Sandra and Ross Soraci
Tim Soucy
Daniel and Donna Sovie
Truda Bloom and Robert Spiegelman
St. Mary’s Bank
Audrey Augun and Jim Steiner
Stew and Lisa Strong
Kent Devereaux and Jan Sutcliffe
Ly and Lee Tang
Meg and Phil Tatro
Kelly Teevan
Nancy Tessier
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Tetu
Sandy and Jim Townsend
Dr. Lyonel Tracy
Judith and Brian Tremblay
Barbara and Charles Trudeau
Tam Hang Thi Vo and Than Van Truong
Xiao Su and Kwok Tsang
Felicia and Joel Vargas
Mary Ann and Alex Vazquez
Mary Alice and Louis Venuto
Nga Nguyen and Luu Vo
Diane and Glen Wall
Leslie and Nicholas Want
Margaret Wheeler and Garvin Warner
Mary Ann and James Watt
Marty Nagy-Wentz and Jack Wentz
Tina and Alex White
Cheryl Wilson
Fran and Dick Winneg
Meredith Zackey
Lucyann and Rick Zeller
Tammy and Tim Zinck
Michele and Bill Zorn